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brunch menu


choice of one

dried fenugreek papdi chaat, white pea mash

herb sago pancake, goat cheese, house butter

pao bhaji, ricotta vada, lime leaf butter pao

burrata chaat, crispy lotus root, mustard-tomato jam

kohlapuri chicken salad, golden cashew, chickpea pearls

sweet pickle pork ribs, sundried mango, onion seeds



choice of one

egg ghee roast, coconut, paratha

baked saffron cauliflower, truffle, poppy seed naan

uttapam, roast onion chutney: wild mushroom or curry leaf lamb

shrimp & herb omelet, bone broth curry, pao

beef chili dubba gosht, baked egg, chapati



choice of one

black dairy dal with naan

smoked eggplant & bhujiya raita

traditional naan, garlic naan or black garlic naan

kadhai sesame vegetables

kashmiri morel pulao, pine nuts

kulcha: wild mushroom; green pea; butter chicken; hoisin duck



makhan malai, saffron milk, rose petal jaggery brittle, almonds

doda barfi treacle tart, vanilla bean ice cream

banana malai toast, spiced jaggery

spiced mission figs, bengal rice kheer

two courses with a choice of accompaniment 44

additional dish 18, add accompaniment 10

dessert 15

brunch cocktails 21 -

one night only (***)

apple brandy - spices - earl grey

green goddess
tequila - tomatillo - horseradish

*consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness

***clarified with milk

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